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Personal Loans

First Colebrook Bank is eager to help you with competitive loan rates on a wide array of consumer loans. The process is easy and convenient! Just stop by our Colebrook, Concord, Amherst, or Portsmouth office and fill out an application. You can rely on a fast reply.

With your approved loan, First Colebrook Bank offers life and disability insurance at very competitive rates.

Your monthly loan payment can be deducted directly from your checking account, whether you deposit with us or with another financial institution.

Personal Loans

• Cars
• Snowmobiles
• Boats
• ATVs
• Motorcycles
• Campers
• Motor Homes
• Travel Trailers
• Vacations
• Secured
• Unsecured

Mortgage Services

At First Colebrook Bank, we offer a wide array of mortgage services.

• Primary Residential
• Camps, Cottages, Vacation Homes
• Construction Loans
• Manufactured Housing (on your land or in a park)
• Home Equity Loans
• Land

For more information

Just stop by one of our offices. You can call or email us directly using the telephone numbers and email addresses below. If you prefer, call our toll-free number:


For security reasons, do not email any confidential information such as your Social Security number, complete account number(s) or Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Please allow up to 2 business days for response to email.

Colebrook, NH Contacts
Linda Yorke
NMLS# 469313
Residential & Consumer Loan Officer

Anne Sullivan
NMLS# 469312
Residential & Consumer Loan Officer

Beth Goudreau
Branch Operations Manager

Concord, NH Contacts
Kathi Paradis
NMLS# 469310
Assistant VP/Residential & Consumer Loan Officer

Raymond Miner
Assistant VP/Business Development Officer

Amherst, NH Contacts
Kathi Paradis
NMLS# 469310
Assistant VP/Residential & Consumer Loan Officer

Shelly Wetherbee
Branch Operations Manager

Portsmouth, NH Contacts
John Pratt
Senior VP/Southern New Hampshire Executive

Bob Davis
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Ben Wheeler
Assistant VP/Business Development Officer

Angela Ferris
Branch Operations Manager

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First Colebrook Bank: 888-225-1782  

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