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Call the 24-hour Moose Line!

First Colebrook Bank's 24-hour Moose Line is your toll-free connection to the information you need most often. Now you can bank by phone at your convenience.


Call to easily:
• Verify deposit and loan balances.
• Verify transactions (in increments of 10).
• Verify Social Security deposits, automatic withdrawals/deposits or ATM transactions.
• Make transfers from one account to another.
• Receive a fax containing the current month's temporary statement, whether it's for a checking account or a statement savings account.

Before you call:
• Have your account number(s) handy.
• Make sure your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is available.

When you call:
• Wait for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions.
• You will be offered a series of menu selections from which to choose.
• The first time you call, you will be required to change your PIN to the four-digit PIN of your choice.

Here's a sampling of the many options available to you on the Moose Line:
• The checking and savings account menus provide your account balance, previous account activity, last deposit date and amount, specific check and interest information.
• The loan account menu provides information on your loan balance, last payment and amount, next due date, next payment amount and year-to-date interest.
• The funds transfer menu allows you to make transfers between your accounts and make your loan payments.

First Colebrook Bank: 888-225-1782  

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