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Equipment loans as low as 2.49% Annual Percentage Rate... call us today! (more)                      Equipment loans as low as 2.49% Annual Percentage Rate... call us today! (more)                      Equipment loans as low as 2.49% Annual Percentage Rate... call us today! (more)

Small Business Loans

First Colebrook Bank understands small business because we're a small business ourselves. And over the years, many of those on the bank's Board of Directors have been small business owners as well. While we can't be all things to all people, we do specialize in helping small business with personalized, one-on-one relationships that owners find crucial to developing and growing their businesses.

• Expand or renovate facilities
• Purchase land, buildings, machinery or equipment
• Finance receivables and enhance working capital
• Refinance existing debt
• Establish seasonal lines of credit
• Construct commercial buildings

One way we serve customers best is by getting to know their businesses firsthand. As a First Colebrook Bank customer, you have direct access to the key people within the bank. An experienced commercial officer is assigned to every small business customer, so anytime you have a special request, need immediate attention or a quick answer, you have a direct contact to call upon for help. And by the way, we're eager to meet with you at your place of business or ours.

We've been named New Hampshire's most small business-friendly bank by the Small Business Administration. An active relationship with the SBA - and other state and federal agencies that assist small businesses - gives First Colebrook Bank a working knowledge of the various programs available to help small businesses in New Hampshire fulfill their dreams of growth and success. Here's a brief introduction to some of the programs and options.

The SBA 7(A) Loan Guarantee Program

The 7(a) Loan Guarantee Program is the SBA's most flexible loan plan because financing can be guaranteed for a variety of general business purposes, including working capital, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, land, building (including purchase, renovation and new construction), leasehold improvements and debt refinancing (under special conditions). Loan maturity is up to 10 years for working capital and generally up to 25 years for fixed assets.

The 504 Certified Development Company Program

This loan program provides long-term, fixed-rate financing to small businesses to acquire real estate, machinery or equipment for expansion and modernization. Typically a 504 project includes a loan secured from a bank with a senior lien and another loan secured from a certified development company (funded by a 100% SBA-guaranteed debenture) with a junior lien covering up to 40% of the total cost along with a 10% equity contribution from the borrower.

The New Hampshire Business Finance Authority

The Business Finance Authority (BFA) was created in 1992 to foster economic development and create employment in New Hampshire. The BFA recognizes that small businesses are particularly important to the state's economy and works in cooperation with New Hampshire banks to provide loan guarantees to help keep small companies going and growing. Credit enhancement initiatives such as the Capital Access Program (CAP), the Guarantee Asset Program (GAP), and Working Capital Line of Credit Guarantee (WAG) are designed to make credit available to small businesses that do not qualify for conventional bank financing.

Other Programs

We also work closely with other local, regional and state development and finance groups to assist businesses with utilizing the best available programs and resources for financing their growth. And the loan process is easy and convenient!

For more information

Just stop by one of our offices. You can call or email us directly using the telephone numbers and email addresses below. If you prefer, call our toll-free number:


For security reasons, do not email any confidential information such as your Social Security number, complete account number(s) or Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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Colebrook, NH Contacts
Bridget Freudenberger
VP/Commercial Loan Officer/SBA Loan Manager

Avis Brosseau
Senior VP/Chief Credit Administration Officer

Wayne Frizzell
Assistant VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Beth Goudreau
Branch Operations Manager

Concord, NH Contacts
Jim DuBois
Senior VP/Senior Loan Officer

Gregory Legier
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Raymond Miner
Assistant VP/Branch Operations Administrator

Heather Capraro
VP/Business Development Officer

Amherst, NH Contacts
Scott Myers
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Amy Wheeler
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Shelly Wetherbee
Branch Operations Manager

Portsmouth, NH Contacts
John Pratt
Senior VP/Southern New Hampshire Executive

Bob Davis
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Ben Wheeler
Ben Wheeler
VP/Commercial Loan Officer

Nancy Sarni
Branch Operations Manager

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