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First Colebrook Bank can trace its roots back to November 25, 1889, when George Van Dyke (1846-1909) opened Colebrook Guaranty Savings Bank. Van Dyke was born, literally, in a log cabin in Stanbridge, Quebec, the fifth of eight children. He left school at 11 years of age and by 14 was cutting lumber in the Androscoggin River watershed. For the rest of his life, Van Dyke was involved with lumber mills, railroads, and banking in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Quebec. Colebrook Guaranty Savings Bank became First Colebrook Bank in 1975.

From the very beginning, we've served the timber and tourism industries as well as the families of New Hampshire's Great North Woods from our downtown Colebrook, New Hampshire, office. And today, the "Moose Bank" covers the state. Although banks generally open branches in communities near their headquarters, we used a more diverse strategy, and in 1997 First Colebrook Bank reached out from its headquarters in Colebrook to open its first branch in Concord. The region's healthy small business climate brought immediate success.

In 2005, a second branch was opened in Amherst, New Hampshire, to serve the Souhegan Valley/Milford area. A Portsmouth, New Hampshire, branch opened in September 2009. (In both Amherst and Portsmouth, the establishment of business loan centers preceded the full-service branches by at least a year.)

As one of the state's oldest banks, First Colebrook Bank has witnessed many changes over the years. But through it all - recession, depression, big bank mergers, the rise of international banking conglomerates - First Colebrook Bank has remained a local, New Hampshire-owned, community bank. From small business loans to mortgages, checking accounts to retirement savings, you'll always find someone eager to help. First Colebrook Bank is different. And that's what people like about us.

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Amherst, New Hampshire
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