Calculate a Loan

This financial calculator allows you to quickly see what your monthly payment would be on a loan. Just fill in the number of months, estimated interest rate and the amount you would like to borrow. Click enter and the monthly payment amount will appear. To lower your monthly payment add months and hit enter again.

# of Months

Interest Rate

Loan Amount

Monthly Payment


(Your actual loan payment may differ, depending on method used to calculate payments.)


Enter the number of months

  • For a 1-year loan, enter 12
  • For a 5-year loan, enter 60
  • For a 10-year loan, enter 120
  • For a 30-year loan, enter 360

Interest Rate
Enter the interest rate. If the rate is 7.66, enter 7.66

Loan Amount
Enter the amount of the loan. If the amount is $101,995 enter 101995

Monthly Payment
To calculate your monthly payment, click the Enter button.

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