Fee Schedule

(As of 09/01/2014)
ATM Withdrawal from Non-FCB Machines $ 1.00
Cash Advance, Non-Customer   5.00
Check Cashing for Non-Customer    
     (Government issued only)   5.00
Counter Check   1.00
Deposited Check Returned Unpaid   9.00
Early Account Closing (within 90 days)   10.00
Foreign Draft   12.00
IRA, Correction of Excess Contribution   15.00
IRA, Rollover Distribution   15.00
IRA, Single Sum Distribution (under 70 ½ years of age)   7.00
IRA, Trustee Transfer   15.00
Locked Bag   40.00
Money Order (1 free per month)   3.00
Notary Services, Non-Customer   10.00
Overdraft Sweep from Savings   6.00
Overdraft/Insufficient Funds   29.00
Photocopy (per page)   1.00
Research/Reconciliation (per hour, 1 hour minimum)   25.00
Safe Deposit Box, Drilling   cost
Safe Deposit Box, late Payment (per month)   7.00
Safe Deposit Box, Lost Keys   cost
Statement Copy (per page)   2.00
Stop Payment   27.00
Tax Levy Processing   30.00
Treasurer's Check (1 free per month)   5.00
Wire Transfer, All Incoming   10.00
Wire Transfer, Domestic Outgoing   20.00
Wire Transfer, Foreign Outgoing   40.00
Zipper Bag   5.00



A $15.00 fee will be assessed to all business accounts that
have a negative average collected balance for the month.

*Paper statement fee of $2.00 will be imposed every
statement cycle.

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