Bank by Phone

Call the 24-hour Moose Line!

First Colebrook Bank's 24-hour Moose Line is your toll-free connection to the information you need most often.
Now you can bank by phone at your convenience.

or locally 237-8909

Call to easily:

  • Verify deposit and loan balances.
  • Verify transactions (in increments of 10).
  • Verify Social Security deposits, automatic withdrawals/deposits or ATM transactions.
  • Make transfers from one account to another.
  • Receive a fax containing the current month's temporary statement, whether it's for a checking account or a statement savings account.

Before you call:

  • Have your account number(s) handy.
  • Make sure your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is available.

When you call:

  • Wait for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions.
  • You will be offered a series of menu selections from which to choose.
  • The first time you call, you will be required to change your PIN to the four-digit PIN of your choice.

Here's a sampling of the many options available to you on the Moose Line:

  • The checking and savings account menus provide your account balance, previous account activity, last deposit date and amount, specific check and interest information.
  • The loan account menu provides information on your loan balance, last payment and amount, next due date, next payment amount and year-to-date interest.
  • The funds transfer menu allows you to make transfers between your accounts and make your loan payments.

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If you have questions or would like additional information please contact a Customer Service Representative at any of our convenient branches.

For security reasons, do not email any confidential information such as your Social Security number, complete account number(s) or Personal Identification Number (PIN).